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Hilary 2024

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Michaelmas 2023

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Trinity 2023

Fri 5 May, 19.30h (Week 2)
Lecture Theatre, School of Geography & the Environment 

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Bringing the Story Back: a Q&A with Sophy Roberts

Sophy Roberts is an author and journalist based in West Dorset. Educated at Oxford University, then the Columbia School of Journalism, she is a regular contributor to the Financial Times, among other titles. Her writing focuses on remote places, often overlooked in the news — the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Tajikistan, Siberia, Iraq. She is the author of The Lost Pianos of Siberia (with publishing rights sold in 11 languages), host of the travel writing podcast, ‘Gone to Timbuktu’, and is currently working on her second book, set among Africa’s Great Lakes, for publication in 2024.

Tue 2 May, 19.30h (Week 2)
Lecture Theatre, School of Geography & the Environment 

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Geology, Time and the Nature of Australia

Mike & Mandy Bamford

Australia has an ancient history, unique wildlife and the oldest living culture in the world, yet 70% of species are still undescribed by western science, although the First peoples of Australia have known them for millennia. Life in Australia has been shaped by stable geology, continental drift, isolation and lack of glaciation to produce an extraordinary biodiversity. Australian ecologists Mike and Mandy Bamford will discuss the factors affecting the development of Australia's fauna, illustrated by the fauna studies that take them to remote corners of this ancient chunk of Gondwana.

Tue 25 Apr, 19.30h (Week 1)
The Lamb & Flag 


OUEC Reunion

Join us for a pint at The Lamb & Flag as we reconvene, swap stories of adventures over the break, and begin planning for Trinity and beyond!

Just as we focused on planning and funding expeditions in Michaelmas, and organising logistics and fieldwork in Hilary, Trinity will see a soft focus on what to do when you come back home. How do you take raw data and transform it into a report, a film, or an article?

We will also be sending a number of our members on their own expeditions at the end of Trinity. Make sure to check in with their progress, ask questions, and learn from their experience.

Trinity 2022

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Hilary 2022

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Michaelmas 2021

Trinity 2021

Hilary 2021

Michaelmas 2020

Hilary 2020

Michaelmas 2019

Hilary 2019

Michaelmas 2017

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Michaelmas 2016

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Michaelmas 2013

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Trinity 2013

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Hilary 2013

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Michaelmas 2012

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